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          SC Nonferrous Metals Law
          Application for Permit to Purchase Nonferrous Metals
          Application for Permit to Transport or Sell Nonferrous Metals
          Disposal Authority Certificate
          SC Vehicle Demolishers Law
          SCDMV Application for Online Access (Demolishers)
          SC Act 242 (Full text of new law)

          US Government: Metal Theft Prevention Act of 2012 United States Congress

South Carolina Recyclers Association- where to go to gather the most current information on legislation, news, and alerts for metal recycling in South Carolina.
Thank you for visiting the SCRA.  We would like for you to
become a member of this important new organization.  We are aware that many of you are currently involved in your respective areas of South Carolina – working diligently with law enforcement, prosecutors, legislators and others to communicate and address the issue of metal theft.
In order for our efforts to continue, we rely on our members and other organizations.  We feel that it is critical that we, as a unified industry, become better organized to address these issues and to better educate ourselves and others in South Carolina about metal theft and other important issues to our industry.  We continue to educate all involved that the SCRA is a major stakeholder in the theft issue – and we can HELP all involved on the subject of metal theft.
Please become a member of SCRA today and join us in the fight against metal theft.
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